How To Choose the Right Welder for Your Needs (MIG, Stick, and TIG)

The wide variety of products available on the market can seem overwhelming to someone who is new to welding. There are many major welder companies, just like Ford, Toyota, and Mercedes Benz in the auto industry. Lincoln, Miller, and Hobart (now owned primarily by Miller) are the big boys. There are many models of welding … Read more

Mechanical Properties of Metals – (Informational Guide)

The mechanical properties of metals determine their usefulness and the expected service. It refers to the way metals respond to external loads. This refers to how they change (twisting, compressing, elongating) or break depending on temperature, time, and load. To help identify and specify metals, mechanical properties can also be used. These are essential in … Read more

A Surprise Guide to Metal Composition (Expert Review)

To ensure a successful welding job, it is important to understand the composition of the metal before welding. Metalworkers and welders must be able to identify different metal products in order to apply the correct work methods. Every engineering drawing must be examined to determine which metal is being used and how it will be … Read more

Metal Casting Ultimate Guide – How does Metal Casting Work

Casting refers to the process of introducing a liquid into a mold and allowing it to solidify inside the mold. Then, the material can be removed from the mold to create a part or object. Casting is used to create one or more copies from an original piece (sculptural) of artwork. Casting is used extensively … Read more

Expert Review & Ultimate Guide of Lead Welding

Welding of lead is very similar to welding other metals, except that there is no flux. Other than gas welding, these processes are not generally used. The color of unfinished surfaces (white to gray), newly fractured surfaces (light gray, crystal), and freshly filed surfaces (white) can all be used to identify lead. Example of Lead … Read more

The Ultimate Guide Of Copper Welding Process (Latest Review)

This type of welding requires approximately twice the heat as the steel of similar thickness. Copper is very thermally conductive. A tip that is one to two times larger than the steel tip is recommended in order to offset heat loss. Additional heating is recommended when welding large sections with heavy thicknesses. This produces a … Read more

Eastwood MIG 180 Review & Guide (2021)

A 120V welder is a good choice for small shops or hobbyists. If you have a small welding business or hobby, you will need more power and the ability to weld thicker material. This allows you to increase your voltage to 240V without sacrificing the ability to weld thinner stocks. These needs are well met … Read more

Eastwood MIG 140 Welder Review (2021)

There are many options in the welding market for light and sheet metal. Eastwood released an updated version of their MIG 135 welder in March 2021. Their new Eastwood MIG 140 might be a good fit for smaller shops that do metal sculptors or car restoration. This new Eastwood 110V welding machine offers many features … Read more