How to Replace Rocker Panels Without Welding (8 Easy Tips)

How to replace rocker panels without welding is the query of intense research as everyone knows the rocker panel of a car has a tendency to attract rust due to its steel body. Once the corrosion gets started, it cannot be stopped to spread the whole car body. So, the wise decision is to replace the rocker panel before it could affect the whole frame.

But, how it can be done?

The rocker panels can be replaced with the help of a welding machine, but what would you do in the absence of a welder.

We have enlisted the ways to alternate the rocker panels without welding them.  Yes, this task can be done in the absence of a welder.

Let’s have a glance at its step-by-step guide.

Replace Rocker Panels Without Welding

First, let us tell you what the rocker panel is.

Easy Tips - How to Replace Rocker Panels Without Welding

Rocker Panel

The rocker panel is the integrated part of the truck that is present between wheels below the door of passengers. It is a steel part that forms the main framework of a truck body.

Before proceeding with the procedure, let us tell you that the replacement of rocker panels without welding is also called slip-on welding or non-welding replacement.

Tools you need to replace rocker panel

Get the following instruments before heading towards the process. So, you need to have the following for successful replacement.

  • Wire brush
  • Electric drill
  • Hammer
  • Rust inhibitor formula
  • Adhesive material
  • Angle grinder

No doubt, completing this replacement process without a welding machine is not easy, but possible to do. The different truck belonging to very famous brands also uses replacement system.

If you are the one having a truck, go and check the rocker panels. If you encounter rust, manage it to replace it at once or the whole body would affect soon.

How to replace rocker panels without welding

For successful replacement, you need to have followed some quick steps. Follow the step by step guide:

Step- 1 Pull out the rusty part

The first and foremost demand is to get rid of the affected area. For this process, you need to get the help of an angle grinder. You will need five blades for this step.

If you find that the truck door and rocker panel seemed to be back out, the best practice is to cut the large portion of the panel. This would be followed by the correct fixing of a new slip-on at the place.

Step- 2 Clean rust and residual chips

Cleaning the rust is the most critical step that decides the accuracy of the following procedure. Get the help of a hammer and a pry bar to remove all the remaining rust in the area located below the door.

In case, 

If you get fail to remove all the basics of rust, your truck body may encounter the same issue again in a very short time. We know it is a hard job so, give yourself sufficient time to accomplish this step according to its requirements.

Step- 3 Sand away remaining rust

Once you have done the cleaning of all of the persistent rust, use the grinder over the surface with 50 grit discs.

At this step,

You can check the correct fixing of a new panel at the respective place by putting it there. Make sure there are zero bends at the edge or the other factor that may resist its correct fixing.

Step- 4 Place hooks for fixation

After ensuring you have removed all the persistent rust, apply hooks to adjust the new rocker panel. Keep in mind, that these hooks must be attachable by the adhesive material, after all, we are not using a welder here.

Step- 5 Paint body with rust inhibitor

Cover all the bare metal with a rust inhibitor. You can use anti-resistant paint for this purpose. This trick would bypass the rust from developing again in the future.

As an expert, we are giving you a free trip to paint the rear face of the new rocker with anti-rust paint. It would cut down any remaining chances of corrosion from developing again.

Step- 6 Mark the holes

To fix the new rocker panel, mark the space and make holes there with the support of a hand drill machine. Keep in mind, that these spaces should be equal. Generally, two inches seem to be enough but this distance may vary according to the required shape.

The most important…

When drilling, the rocker should be exactly at the place where it needs to be or the new rocker panel would not be adjusted precisely. You can use clamps for this purpose or can get the help of another person.

Step- 7 Smooth the drill hole edges

To give it a professional finish and prevent the bulging out of metal, smoothen the edge. You can use the grinder with a mounted flat disc for this purpose.

Step- 8 Install the new rocker panel

At this step, you can adjust the new rocker panel at the respective place. To ensure accuracy, start from the mid and move toward the edge while using a hammer as the support.


You can paint it in your desired color or can get the favor of a professional for nicer finishing at the end.

Cheers! You are all done successfully.

Your truck now has a very new look.

Final Words

We have discussed how to replace rocker panels without welding as most people do not enjoy the availability of welding machines. We have concluded that this process is not easy to follow.


The main reason behind this search is that people don’t know the exact procedure to replace rocker panels without welding.

We have discussed all the prominent steps to carry on this practice. We hope that you have a get a clear idea of replacing the rocker panel without welding.

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